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Anonymous asked:

What is your stance of women and no shave november. I don't know if you've seen the outrage of the sexist tweets of if girls do no shave november that their partner should do no d december. As a man of beards I wanted your input, if you please.

first off thats a horribly un-clever name, and it’s pretty silly. 
its hair; if that’s too much for some guy to handle that sounds like a fairly shallow man.  She’s better off without that foolishness.  

  1. tofueggsandbakey said: Hear hear!
  2. bobulum said: While I prefer hairless women I think that if women can handle my hair body I should be willing to handle theirs
  3. acoustickiss said: Hollllaaa.
  4. thedeerking said: It’s so refreshing to see someone that’s mature about this!
  5. pretty-kawaii-for-a-white-guy said: I agree with this…and the people who thought of no d december are fucking dumb cause if they are so pissed about the hair they should do it in the month when the girls have it. but srsly girls look just as good with hair.
  6. virgiltoyourdante said: amen. hair is just as much a sign of womanhood as it is for manhood.
  7. middlechildmuses said: For those throwing out that sexist nonsense, they obviously have a lot of maturing to do. And they obviously participate in no shave november for wrong reasons and only for appeal. Who’d be against women raising awareness for prostate cancer?
  8. rachelhaines said: Amen.
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