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2013 TDB Tour.

after meeting some TDB followers this year and sharing meals in your homes, amongst those of us who had just met; an Idea stuck me.  I would like to take this experience on the road for 2013.  A TDB Dinner Party Tour you could say. 

however, this can only happen if a few things line up. 

I’m sure we could find more than just dinner to have, but its a start.  Plus you could meet some sweet beards along the way. Make some new friends and just get out of the house and meet some strangers!  its fun.   

Update: there will be a test of this idea in Portland sometime in early February for those of you in that area.  Get in touch with me and we’ll make it happen.

would you be up for this?

  1. drivingwithjohn answered: I’ll grow back my beard for this.
  2. indiewithhipstertendencies answered: If my apartment and kitchen were bigger, I would have you and all of your beardy friends stay with me.
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  4. onlyifittouches said: If only you weren’t so far.
  5. coffeewithcalypso answered: I want to offer my house (I don’t have one yet but will hopefully have next year) but no one would want to come to my city.
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