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I am losing my shit watching the walking dead. 
i am so close to starting season 3.  what am suppose to do when i catch up?  I can’t wait until february for more.  

side note: so glad that Shane was killed, twice. though i wish they had just let him be torn apart by walkers. it would of been much more satisfying.  Carl is annoying as fuck, please let this kid die. 

  1. paralaxperspective said: SEASON 3 IS INSANE
  2. fuzzybearhug said: 3rd season is blowing away the 2nd! You will be in love all over again with the show! And I’m completely caught up, it sucks that we have to wait till Feb!!
  3. legpresslover said: Oh my god Carl! He steps up in Season 3 but still busts my balls!
  4. yanstein said: Season 3 became too emotional for me :s but I love it!
  5. ricrodrigo said: Carl is awesome in season 3!
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