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loser23jtw asked:

I have a question concerning your answer to someone about the jojoba oil. I almost bought a little bottle the other day, but it was "hot jojoba oil" and the directions said it had to be heated up before use. Is that the same for all jojoba oil, or are there different kinds? I was thinking I would buy some, but if it takes so much work to prepare and apply it I might not.

never heard of jojoba oil that needs to be heated.  I’d definitely pass on that one. If you have a trader joe’s in your area they usually have it and fairly cheap too. If not any vitamin/nutrition store will have it, as well as whole foods. 

you should always be leery of any oil thats specially packaged usually they have a base of silicone so they can stretch the oil.  the result is nowhere near as good as real oil.  you can usually identify silicones by reading the ingredients as almost anything ending ‘cone.’  but like i said before you want an oil that is just plain and simple oil. 

  1. loser23jtw said: Cool. Thanks for the help!
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