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TDB Tour: Minneapolis

is confirmed.  I’ll be there April 20 - 27th.  
I’m pretty stoked to get to see Eric, Julian, Tyler, Scott, and whoever else wants to meet up while I’m out there.   Also going to try and organize a TDB meet up so maybe we’ll leave the house for a few hours.  It’ll be like being tumblr but we’ll actually have to tak to each other.  

  1. a-peapod said: I live in Duluth, hope you can pop up here for a day!!
  2. ghostlypetrichor said: YAY!
  3. flickr-beard-power said: Any plans to visit Europe? Ireland?
  4. theseamstress said: Cuuuute. As a Minnesotan I feel like I should be there to witness the glory!
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